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illustrator Lotte Kjoeller

About Lotte Kjoeller's Illustrations

When I was young I longed to be a book-illustrator and since I was a child, I have made illustrations for other people. I became a painter, but I never completely gave up the wish to do illustrations too. In 2000, when I was already working as an artist, I met the author Adil Erdem and illustrated his collected poems - because of this debut I could become a member of the Society of Danish Authors, as an illustrator, and later in 2009 as a poet too.

My illustrations are visual poems, in that they tell a story which can be gradually discovered, as the layers unfold. They are very well suited both for children and for adults: I use my experience as an artist, drawing, painting and using collage to reach the wished for effect. In all my work Mankind is my greatest inspiration, and is the basis the objective and the motive in my illustrations, as in all my other artistic production.

Illustrations and publications:

In 2004 I made my debut as an illustrator of Adil Erdem's collection of poems, 'Dream Places', and I was then accepted as a member of the Danish Author's Association as an illustrator.

Since then I have become known as an exhibiting artist. In 2004, with my own prints, I produced the unique work the artistbook 'LivLøber' with my own poems both in words and in hand-coloured pictures (picturally poems), which were sold as individual works of art at an exhibition entitled 'LivLøber' in Cobenhagen. The same work was also published in 2009 as an e-book 'Wordless ', by the publishers 'Wordless'. It is also reproduced in Lise-Lotte Blom's book about me, to which I have naturally contributed Illustrations. In 2006 I illustrated a children's book 'Golden Nose' published by Høst & Son. This led to an exhibition 'Gold Nose' which was, first, shown at 'Byggeriets Hus' in Frederiksberg, and then continued to be, shown at libraries throughout Denmark.

Illustration from ”LivLøber”, written and illustrated by Lotte Kjoeller, Forlaget ”Ordløst” 2009

3 illustrations from "Dream Places" written by Adil Erdem and illustrated by Lotte Kjoeller, publishers CDR.

The pictures are a link to a picture series.

You can view my illustrations here. If they have awakened your interest, and you could think of using my work, or if you have a query or for some other reason would like to contact me, you can do so at my atelier address or at my mail address below.

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